The Food

Fueling Your Adventure


Whether you sail hard, play hard, or rest hard under the sun - expect to replenish your energy with

nutritious and delicious food.  

As Mel has diary and gluten intolerances, she has an array of recipes and will happily accommodate your

restricted diet or food allergy needs.


The Sample Menu

Breakfast Options:


Light Breakfast menu:

· Toast, preserves and various spreads

· Mini egg bites (eggs, quinoa, ham, cheese, broccoli)

· Banana, oatmeal, chocolate chip breakfast bars

· Greek yoghurt

· Cottage cheese

· Granola, nuts, dried fruit mix

· Fresh fruit platter

· Fresh fruit juices and smoothies


Hearty Breakfast menu:

· Overnight baked French toast

· Poached eggs on a bed of bacon, onion and potato hash

· Crêpes with fresh fruit compote, Canadian maple syrup

· Frittata with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms; cheese and meat optional

· Straight up bacon & eggs, pan fried potatoes, tomato slices

· Strawberry and banana pancakes, fresh fruit, whipped cream, Canadian maple syrup

· Made-to-order omelets with fried grated potato patties


Lunch Options:


· Beef burgers on potato bun or in lettuce wrap, crispy potatoes

· Baha fish tacos with corn/wheat tortillas, cilantro lime rice

· Grilled chicken thighs, Greek salad and lemon rice

· Lemony pasta salad with crisped capers, shrimp bites

· Poke bowl, fresh local catch of the day (mahi mahi), pineapple salsa

· Chicken souvlaki skewer, potato/rice, Greek salad

· Turkey bites – small turkey, cilantro, onion burgers, lemon rice, fresh greens




· Baked Tilapia in lemon, tomato and fresh parsley, lemon rice, fresh garden salad

· Roasted lamb chops with rosemary, on bed of yellow potatoes, garlic and red peppers

· Sweet chili chicken stir fry with basmati rice, fresh greens

· Chargrilled steak with roasted potatoes and vegetables, tomato cucumber salad

· Beef stew in red wine and tomato sauce, served over rice, potatoes or pasta

· Salmon baked with maple soy glaze, grilled corn on the cob

· BBQ chicken, grilled zucchini pancakes, Greek salad



· Cheesecake with fresh fruit; cow or goat cheese or vegan options

· Sharlotka apple cake, ice cream

· Lemon loaf, homemade almond chocolate bites

· Chocolate mousse cake, berry compote

· Local fruit cobbler

· Angel food cake, fresh fruit, whipped cream