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First time you booking a crewed Catamaran Sailing Yacht Charter?

Now what can you expect from your Dream Come True Cruise? Or you are the coordinator for your Family who will be Sailing with you the beautiful Caribbean Destinations. No worry, it’s quite an easy process and we are happy to lead you through it. You can send us an email or simply fill out the contact form.

Just picture yourself being already there, you get up in the morning with the smell of fresh coffee from our Catamaran Sailing Belline ll galley and crystal blue Caribbean waters expecting you to jump right in!

Are Credit Cards widely accepted?

There are only a few ATM’s around the BVI’s. It is recommended that you bring along some cash (the BVI uses US currency). The same applies for the Windward Islands, where some islands use the EURO or EAST CARIBBEAN DOLLAR, but US DOLLAR is widely accepted in shops. All extra costs made on board Belline ll, can be paid with your MASTER/VISA CARD directly on board (a 3.5% surcharge will apply).

Can we SCUBA Diving off the boat?

Oh yes! Please ask for more details or check out our Diving page. Your Charter captain and crew are excellent, patient and very knowledgeable PADI SCUBA certified Diving Instructors and can certify you to be a PADI Open Water Diver during your Diving Holidays. Never been diving before and cant wait to try? We will be happy to help you blow your first bubbles with an either Resort Course or Discover Scuba Course! Go to our Diving page for more details and pricing. There is nothing more exiting than a jump into warm waters of the beautiful Caribbean Sea directly off the Catamaranand enjoy an aquarium-like dive without the hustle and bustle of an rendezvous dive arrangement!

Do I have to worry about seasickness during my Sailing Holidays?

No, you don’t! Belline ll is a heavy built and sturdy new generation yacht. It’s not like being on a mono-hull where one is rocking in any direction. Think being floating on a larger air mattress, which is what its like Sailing on Belline ll, seasickness is not common! If you still think you might get queasy, simple bring along some motion-sickness medication that you feel comfy with and are non-drowsy! Rest assured, the Belline ll is designed for comfort and stability!

Little sailors and small children on-board OK?

We love children and they are very welcome for your Family Cruises! Children need to wear at all times a life west, best is to bring a fitted one that is comfortable and fun to wear on Belline ll. It’s a good idea to bring along some age appropriate games or DVD’s, and their own well fitting mask, snorkel and life jacket (for playing in the water). Check out the Diving section as we do have a cool PADI Bubble maker kiddy dive program for their Activities! Please understand that the crew cannot be responsible as a babysitter during your Family Cruises.

Should we pack our own snorkel or SCUBA gear?

Belline ll is outfitted with the latest in that compartment for your Yacht Charter. It’s always a good idea to bring along your personal mask if you have one, other wise we provide you with it all! Simple have us informed on the preference sheet with your shoe sizes. We offer all masks, snorkels, and fins for your Diving. For divers, we have regulators, BCD’s, short suites and weights available as well.

What do I need to pack for my Catamaran Sailing Caribbean Vacation Package?

Storage space is limited on board. SOFT COLLAPSIBLE LUGGAGE is preferred, best without wheels and hard bottoms. Suitcases cannot be stored! At the end of charters we hear our  guests telling us, that they packed twice as much as they needed and that next time they will know better! We recommend 2-3 swimsuits and 2 pairs of shorts, 3-4 T-shirts, as you probably will buy some in the local art craft shops. Bring a 30-45 SPF sunscreen, higher SPF for children, NO spray types please, as the deck can get very slippery with it when wet. No tanning oil, PABA or Bronzers at all as they stain the white fiberglass.

What is provided for us on-board Belline ll?

This is an All-Inclusive Vacation. All Cabins are fully decorated and outfitted for your Sailing Cruise, all sheets and covers are already nicely fitted and you will find along some personal towels and beach towels too. The en-suite bathrooms or rather “head” in Boating terms, are also providing you with a facial towel, hand towel shower towel. No need to schlep it all along for yourVacations. On the swim platform you find conveniently located an outdoor shower with  soaps and shampoos. Enjoy a “under the sky” shower every day! There is a iPod station and charger available for your music. The boats stereo system is easy to use for you. Recharge your digital camera and cell phones on our 110V – 240V sockets. We have adapters if needed! For your Activities you have all sorts of water toys to use, water-ski, wake board, double kayak, pool noodles and much more. Before your charter we will be closely communicate over your food/drink preferences that will be already stocked when you board.

What is required for a Charter?

Passports! Valid passports are now required for all nationalities coming into the Caribbean as well as for the US Citizen when returning to the states.

Whats the Caribbean Vacation Islands dress code?

Dress is casual in the islands. Resort casual clothing is only needed if you are thinking of dining ashore at one of the fancier resort restaurants. Its barefoot time and you will not need shoes on board, unless you have a specific pair of shoes, with white sole and be only wearing them on Belline ll. We suggest to pack one pair of sandals or flip-flops for your shore visits and perhaps a pair of wet shoes for climbing over the rocks and in the water. During the winter season it’s a good idea to pack an additional light sweater or a windbreaker.

Where do I fly to?

Many ways to fly to meet with us. For your Caribbean Destinations Virgins Island, fly into either to: St.Thomas (STT) in the USVI and take the 45-minute ride with the fast ferry over to Roadtown, Tortola, BVI. Also you can fly through San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) to Beef Island (EIS), Tortola’s airport. For your Windward Island cruise are many direct flights from New York and Miami to St.Martin/Sint Maarten’s (SXM) international Airport.

Where is my Port of boarding and meet the Belline ll?

We talk to you closer during your booking progress,when you know your flight arrangements. Due to an old USCG regulation we are not allowed to pick-up and transport more than six passengers in US waters. Of course we can make special arrangements in the event that you are more than six, talk to us! Pick-ups and drop-offs are usually at 12:00 noon, unless special arrangements have been made. Your Tortola pick-ups and drop-offs are generally in Trellis Bay, East End, Roadtown or for special request and time permitted we can meet you also in Sopers Hole, West End. For your St.Martin/Sint Maarten’s Sailing Holidays pick-up we suggest to talk closer to us in regards to your Cruising Itinerary.

Do I get to sign a contract?

Yes, absolutely! Once we start talking closer and you know the number of your charter sailing mates, we will issue a Yacht Charter Contract.

How secure is the Charter Yacht Agreement?

Issued by the charter yacht association and a standard charter contract, approved by our clearing house. Our charters are All-Inclusive Sailing Vacations and we will be sending you a Preference Sheet to fill out just before your charter, where you can tell us more about your group.

How can I be reached in an emergency?

We will provide you with all our contact numbers and email. You then can forward theses to your contacts back home. We check our email on a regular basis and contact you immediately.

Will my cell phone work in the BVI, USVI or in the Windward Island?

There are certain Caribbean Destinations areas in which cell phone access is difficult.A few towers in the USVI that allow you to use your cell phone as if you were in the States, otherwise you might get roaming charges by one of the local providers. For accurate location availability, refer your cell phone provider.

How do I hand gratuity over to the  crew and how much is appropriate?

Your crew will change many hats during your Yacht Cruise! The are your gourmet chef, diving instructor, island guide, story teller, maid and when you sleep, they mostly are up cleaning and preparing the yacht or meals for you! That’s when you wake up with a coffee bouquet…They basically work 24/7 and are busy NOT to look very busy, as they don’t want to spoil your vacation feeling! Mostly they had only a 24hr turnaround between charters and no rest at all. But they will make you feel as if they were as well on a Sailing Vacation with you, this is outstanding professionalism. A crew’s gratuity is based like in every service related industries on the customer’s satisfactory level and on his discretion. Usually and customary are a 15-20% of your Charters rate. This may seem a lot but it’s the majority part of a crew’s income and it reflects a job well done or very well done! This thrives the crew to work that hard and keeps a smile in their face. The crew will share equally and a letter handed to them at the end of the Charter with a personal note and the gratuity is more than welcome and appreciated. If you prefer to pay the crew’s gratuity by your MASTER/VISA CARD, please talk to the captain as they can be processed only during banking hours. Of course the processing surcharge will not apply in this case.

Do I need Trip Insurance?

You may never need it, but having it will give you peace of mind and coverage should the unexpected occur! Many travelers view trip insurance as an “unnecessary” added expense, even though the cost of trip insurance varies. We strongly advise a good solid trip insurance. Check for comparison and with your credit card company, sometimes they offer good deals. Our cancellation policy is; that we refund re-booked days to you in full, but life is unexpected, and a lot can happen between booking and going. In addition, yachts are difficult to re-book on short notice, so cancelling your yachting vacation can have financial consequences for your travel mates as well. Some policies cover everything from the little annoyances, like delayed or lost luggage, missed flight connections, be it because of bad weather or airline schedules or to the real serious stuff; like medical emergencies, accidents and injuries from water sports.

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